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Purposeful (planned) Giving

Do you remember a time when…

… you were at a maternity ward to welcome your first child, grandchild, niece or nephew into the family?

… you visited and held your grandmother’s hand when she was a patient in the hospital?

Thankfully, Surrey Memorial Hospital was there to help.


Learn more on how to make a purposeful gift:

Did you know that much of the specialized medical care that you and your family receive at Surrey Memorial Hospital or Jim Pattison Outpatient Care and Surgery Centre has been made possible because of the purposeful giving of people just like you?

Purposeful giving means giving with forethought and planning to support a cause that is important to you. Making a gift in your Will is one way to give with purpose.

Including a gift in your Will is very easy. And, it’s also possible to make a gift in honour of your grandparents or other family members with a tribute gift in your Will.

Kathy and Walt did just that. You can meet them by clicking on the video below

A purposeful gift of any size can make a huge difference for health care in our region.  For instance…

$10,000 – can fund help special needs for the palliative care unit and the hospice at Laurel Place. Read more...

The 10-bed in-patient unit at Surrey Memorial and the 20-bed palliative unit just down the block at Laurel Place provide comfort and medical care for families and patients during a sensitive time in the journey of life.  A gift of $10,000 can help to purchase equipment like sleeper chairs for family members who wish to stay overnight with their loved one, or vein finders and bladder scanners which make a patient’s stay at the palliative units more comfortable.

$25,000 – can benefit programs in our pediatric department. For instance, an estate gift of this size helped to kick start the pediatric inner ear surgery program in 2011. Read more...

Thanks to an estate gift, we were able to purchase otology (inner ear) surgical instruments for a speciality surgical suite at Jim Pattison Outpatient Care and Surgery Centre.

Children from all over the Fraser Health region now have an inner ear surgical program closer to home and hundreds of children hear better because someone purposefully planned to donate a transformational gift.

$50,000 – can help children and adults regain strength and mobility after cancer treatment or a stroke by purchasing state-of-the-art physiotherapy equipment… Read more...

Mobility and strength of our limbs are often impacted by conditions like cancer in children, or strokes in adults.  Donations can be used to purchase state-of-the-art equipment that will help physiotherapists strengthen patient’s arms, hands, feet and legs.  Examples include the SAEBO Arm Mobility system and the Litegait specialty treadmill.

$75,000 – can help to purchase either a high-tech incubator/bassinette system or a jet ventilator for pre-term babies who need a controlled environment to breath and grow. Read more...

Giraffe incubator bassinettes have many features that provide life-sustaining comfort for pre-term babies as small as 1kg.  Temperature, humidity, light and oxygen are tightly controlled to ensure the best conditions for these babies to survive.  Underdeveloped lungs provide the greatest risk for babies born too early during pregnancy.  To ensure that their tiny bodies can continue to grow, various types of ventilators are used.  The jet ventilator is key in keeping extremely tiny babies alive.  These are just two examples of the many life-saving pieces of equipment used in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

$1,000,000 – can provide state-of-the-art surgery equipment.

Surrey Memorial Hospital is a leader in BC with regard to cancer surgery, eye surgery and a host of other speciality procedures.  Surgical techniques continue to evolve with the goal of performing surgery in a minimally invasive manner.  For instance, pacemaker replacement surgery can now be done as a day surgery procedure and lung cancer surgery can be done by our world-class thoracic surgeons without even making an incision.  All this is made possible by ensuring the best equipment on the market is available at Surrey Memorial Hospital.

For more information about the impact of your gifts, please call Yolanda Bouwman, Director of Major Gifts at 604-585-5509.

DISCLAIMER: The purpose of this website is to provide general gift, estate and financial planning information. It’s important to seek advice from a legal counsel or a financial planner when considering these types of gifts.

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