Retinal Surgery

How a surgical training simulator will make a difference

Expertise comes from experience, so the training of Fellows naturally involves actual eye surgeries. However, because there is no room for error in intricate eye surgery, the surgeon must have a very high level of comfort with the trainee’s skills before any actual surgeries are performed. This is why an eye surgery training simulator is urgently needed for the training and education of these Fellows.


With an eye surgery training simulator, the student can repeatedly train and finely hone their diagnostic and surgical skills, without risk to patients. The patient is taken completely out of the surgical learning loop. A wide range of different pathologies are available and surgery procedures can be performed multiple times, before entering the operating room or seeing a patient. Practice makes perfect.


The eye surgery simulator also records all training data and provides a detailed evaluation of the surgical or diagnostic performance for the instructor’s assessment. This is critical information that helps to determine readiness for actually surgery. Other benefits include:

  1. It will reduce the length of time it takes for each trainee to develop their surgical techniques to the point where they become proficient.
  2. Accelerated training times will result in more trainees being trained.

Over 4,700 British Columbians lose their vision each year. Retinal disease is the leading cause of blindness.

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