Tangible Needs

Social Workers are an essential part of the team providing care at Surrey Memorial Hospital’s Emergency Department (ER) and at Jim Pattison Outpatient Care and Surgery Centre.


On average, they are called in to see as many as 50 patients each day, who in addition to their medical condition, have issues related to poverty, marginalization and homelessness.

A common characteristic of this disadvantaged population is that even the most basic needs—things that we take for granted—are not being met. It could be that they have no shoes or proper cold-weather clothing or they need bus fare home and a food voucher. Other more serious needs include diabetic supplies, walking assist devices, breathing assist devices and emergency dental care, none of which are funded by the healthcare system.


Give a little. Give a lot. Together we change lives.

Thanks to the generous support of individuals, churches and community groups, many people are helped each year to receive these basic needs which will ultimately help prevent the need to re-admit them to hospital.

Click on the video below to learn how two of our social workers, Susan and Andrew, were able to help some of their patients thanks to the Tangible Needs Fund.

If you want to make a concrete difference in the lives of patients who need a little extra helping hand, please donate to the Tangible Needs Fund. Should you have any questions, please call Yolanda Bouwman at 604-585-5509 for further information.

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